What is a Connected Worker Platform?

Connected worker platforms are digital software tools that help improve the way humans work in industrial settings. These tools are combined with mobile and wearable devices to improve communication, collaboration, guidance, and support in complex industrial scenarios, including manufacturing, construction, energy, mining, and service.

Connected worker solutions take this a step further, encompassing software and more to digitize and optimize production processes to fit the specific needs of a company. Solutions vary depending on the goals of a business and what it hopes to implement.

Connected worker solutions and platforms help industrial companies:

  • Move from paper-based to digital work instructions
  • Schedule, assign, and monitor work orders
  • Optimize complex manufacturing processes and field operations
  • Deliver effective training, foster collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Gain insight into, and improve the performance of their workforce

What is a connected worker platform

Connected worker platforms typically include a cloud-based management system used by operations management or production supervisors to create, assign, manage, and monitor the work being done. These platforms are also used by frontline workers to execute the work assigned to them on any mobile device or wearable technology appropriate for the job.

The combination of digital work instructions and real-time support for workers not only provides a complete worker support solution, but also helps operations managers better understand the utilization and efficiency of their workforce and identify opportunities for improvement.

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