Industry Solutions

Augmentir’s AI-based Augmented Operations™ platform augments human productivity in any industrial setting where front-line workers are core to value delivery.

Industry Use Cases

While Augmentir can provide value in any industry that has processes centered on front-line workers, our initial focus is manufacturing, service, and support, where we deliver improved quality and productivity to businesses ranging from 25 employees to the largest global companies.


Improve quality, productivity, and knowledge sharing across your manufacturing operation. Use AI-based insights to target the largest opportunities for ongoing improvements.


Improve effectiveness of your field service team with fully augmented instructions and remote collaboration. AI based insights help increase service efficiency and overall organizational effectiveness

3rd Party Service

Drive standardization, compliance, and customer satisfaction when service is performed by 3rd party providers, customers, and dealer networks.

White Paper:  Rise of the Augmented Worker

Discover a new approach to leveraging Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence that will allow you to continually improve the productivity of your frontline workforce.


From augmented work instructions to on-demand training, certification, documentation, and quality assurance, Augmentir provides transformational value across a wide range of manufacturing use cases.

Improve quality, productivity, knowledge sharing, enhance QA, and drive continuous improvement.

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From inspections and maintenance through diagnostics and repair, Augmentir provides your entire workforce with the guidance and human expert assistance they need.

Augmentir provides personalized procedures to deliver exactly what each technician needs, from rich media, reference material, to on-demand training.

Augmentir’s AI engine analyzes the rich data streaming from each service engagement, and identifies to the company the areas of largest capturable opportunity.

Enable Your Service Force of the Future with Augmentir

Join our upcoming webinar and learn how service organizations are improving the productivity of their service workforce with Augmentir.

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3rd Party Service

Achieve standardization and ensure quality and compliance across your installation, maintenance, and repair processes.

By extending augmented instructions out to your customers, 3rd party service organizations, and dealer network, Augmentir helps ensure your service standards are followed, warranty information is captured, and customer satisfaction is improved, all while providing rich feedback to your organization.

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