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Smarter Workers.  
Better Data.  
Brilliant Insights.

Augmented Operations is the new Reality.

Augmentir combines Enterprise Augmented Reality with Artificial Intelligence to deliver brilliant insights that transform the way humans work.

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NEWS Augmentir Closes Funding Round to Help Transform the Frontline Workforce with its AI-based Platform. Read more

Introducing Augmented Operations

The Augmentir Platform connects front-line workers into the digital fabric of your organization and delivers augmented instructions to guide workers to a new level of productivity and quality. The embedded AI/ML engine provides actionable insights that focuses the organization on the largest capturable opportunities, helping drive continuous improvement initiatives in the areas of productivity, training, quality and operations.

Connect Front-Line Workers

Connect your workforce into the digital fabric of the organization, streamlining business processes, standardizing work, and improving collaboration. Non-intrusively capture and organize data on human activities, the tools they use, and the output they generate.

Drive Improvement through AI-based Insights

Our AI Engine provides unique insights into your operations based on fine-grained human activity data. These insights help organizations identify where opportunities for continuous improvement exist in the areas of quality, productivity, and cost reduction across the organization.

Live Webinar: Introducing Augmentir - February 26, 11am EST

Augment the Human Worker

Create personalized, augmented work instructions using our easy to use drag-and-drop authoring environment. AI-driven guidance optimizes time and quality. Standardized work instructions and inline training helps streamline business processes, and remote expert assistance improves collaboration.


Drive Continuous Improvement

Augmentir’s patent pending platform non-intrusively captures this new class of worker data and uses our embedded AI engine to develop unique insights into the biggest opportunities for improvement. Our AI-based opportunity scoring system helps drive higher quality, increased productivity, and continuous improvement across all stakeholders in the organization.


Augmented Operations Platform

Latest News

August 15, 2019

STRONGARM Embraces Industry 4.0 and Deploys Augmentir’s AI-Powered Augmented Worker Platform to Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

July 16, 2019

Augmentir Exits Stealth and Closes Oversubscribed Funding Round to Help Transform the Frontline Workforce with its AI-based Augmented Worker Platform

June 11, 2019

Augmentir Announces Availability of Remote Assist Essentials, Providing Industrial Companies with a Cost-Effective and Easy-to-Use Approach to Supporting Frontline Workers

May 14, 2019

Augmentir Unveils True Opportunity Index™, Industry’s First AI-Based Measurement Solution to Help Improve Frontline Worker Productivity

March 26, 2019

Augmentir Launches the World’s First AI-Powered Augmented Reality Platform for Industrial Organizations

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