• AI-Powered
    Connected Worker Platform

    Empower frontline workers with digital workflows and remote guidance

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    Digital tools for frontline workers - Augmentir connected worker platform
  • Data-Driven
    Operational Insights

    Improve the safety, quality, and productivity of your workforce with AI

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Intelligently guide, remotely support, and continually improve your frontline workforce

Augmentir is the first of the next generation of connected worker platforms that enable rapid and sustainable digital transformation for manufacturing and service companies of any size.

Augmentir combines Enterprise Augmented Reality with Artificial Intelligence to help you empower your frontline workforce to do their best work – close the skills gap, seamlessly capture tribal knowledge, and seize opportunities that drive continuous improvement.

Digital Workflow and Remote Assistance for Frontline Workers using the Augmentir Connected Worker Platform

A connected worker platform for any size operation

Digital Workflow

Digital work instructions, augmented with rich media and AR/MR experiences, enable workers of all experience levels to complete jobs safely, on quality, and efficiently. Extend the value by creating integrated digital workflows that seamlessly capture worker feedback and utilize AI to complete the Digital Thread within your business.

Remote Collaboration

Virtually support your workforce and your customers and enable them to remotely collaborate using chat, live video, audio, file sharing, and AR annotations. Augmentir’s AI captures and accumulates tribal knowledge from SMEs and turns it into a sharable corporate asset.

AI-based Insights

Data-driven operational insights allow companies to identify opportunities for improving worker skills, enhancing workforce development, and driving continuous improvement throughout the organization. AI bots capture tribal knowledge and deliver real-time decision support to workers on the job.

Insights that drive results

The Augmentir Connected Worker Platform uses artificial intelligence to deliver transformational business results for industrial companies of all sizes.

80% Reduction

in new technician training time

37% Improvement

in production cycle time

20% Reduction

in assembly time

Where Augmentir fits

Augmentir’s AI-powered connected worker platform augments human productivity in any industrial setting where frontline workers are core to value delivery.  Augmentir is being used to help intelligently guide and support frontline workers in a wide range of industrial use cases – from manufacturing teams on the shop floor to service and repair teams out in the field.



“We needed a software platform that could help us reduce on-boarding time for new technicians and help us reduce the variability in our standard job times. The Augmentir platform provides us with an easy-to-use set of tools to deliver rich guided procedures to our technicians helping them perform at their peak.”



“Augmentir has given us the power to make data driven decisions regarding our operational environment. With the actionable insights generated from the Augmentir platform, we are able to identify problems in our historical procedures that have been hidden until now.”

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Actionable results in days, not months

Augmentir’s AI-Powered Connected Worker Platform allows you to rapidly build and deliver augmented work instructions and drive results in days, not months or years.