Digitally enable frontline workers through UKG and Augmentir’s innovative partnership, leveraging AI and smart connected worker technologies.

ukg frontline workforce connected with augmentir

Augmentir and UKG complement each other by providing an integrated mobile solution that digitally empowers frontline workers and drives operational excellence in manufacturing.

ukg frontline workforce connected with augmentir

UKG is a leading global provider of cloud-based human capital management and workforce management solutions for organizations to drive better business outcomes, improve HR effectiveness, streamline payroll processes, and enhance employee experience. Together with Augmentir – the leading AI-powered connected worker platform designed to digitize and optimize processes for frontline industrial workers, UGK digitally enables frontline workers to improve real-time communication, digital task management and standard work, training and knowledge sharing, and more.

Continue reading below to learn more about the benefits Augmentir and UKG bring to frontline workers and how together we are ushering in a new era of human capital management and an augmented connected frontline workforce.

Benefits of Connected Human Capital Management

Integrating Augmentir’s connected worker platform with UKG’s workforce management solutions offers several key benefits for empowering and enabling frontline workers:

  • Workforce Management Integration: Augmentir’s AI-powered connected worker platform integrates with UKG’s workforce management solutions allowing frontline workers to access scheduling, time tracking, and other UKG features directly within Augmentir’s platform. Workers can view schedules and manage workforce processes seamlessly through Augmentir’s user interface.
  • Real-time Communication and Collaboration: Augmentir and UKG offer tools for real-time communication and collaboration among frontline teams. Providing knowledge-sharing capabilities for frontline teams, and enabling seamless real-time communication, collaboration, and access to workforce information improves frontline adaptability and decision-making allowing for faster response and issue resolution.
  • Training and Skills Development: Augmentir and UKG facilitate training and upskilling of frontline workers. Augmentir’s platform delivers personalized digital work instructions and training content, while UKG provides learning and knowledge-sharing platforms. Together, they create a comprehensive training ecosystem for frontline staff.
  • Operational Insights and Continuous Improvement: Augmentir’s AI-based operational insights help identify opportunities for improving worker skills and driving continuous improvement. When coupled with UKG’s workforce analytics capabilities, organizations gain deeper visibility into their frontline operations to optimize productivity and processes.

Together, Augmentir and UKG create a powerful technology ecosystem that connects, empowers, and drives operational excellence for frontline workers across various industries by unifying their complementary digital workplace offerings.

Collaborating for the Augmented Connected Workforce of the Future

With UGK’s robust human capital management solutions integrated with Augmentir’s AI-powered connected worker platform, organizations enable an augmented connected workforce that is future-ready and equipped with the right tools for success.

UKG offers comprehensive workforce management solutions like UKG PRO, which includes features for scheduling, time tracking, payroll, and HR management. Augmentir allows companies to easily digitize complex frontline workflows and deliver personalized digital work instructions matched to each worker’s proficiency level. This ensures workers receive tailored guidance in the flow of work. Together, they give organizations a unified approach that augments and supports frontline workers by leveraging AI, real-time communication, comprehensive training solutions, and data-driven insights to ultimately drive improvements in productivity, efficiency, and better business outcomes overall.

Leading manufacturers that have deployed our augmented connected worker solution have seen impressive results such as:

  • 75% reduction in new hire training/onboarding time
  • 27% reduction in machine downtime using Autonomous Maintenance
  • 32% improvement in worker productivity

Furthermore, over 5,500 manufacturers globally leverage UKG solutions to create great employee work experiences, improve productivity, enhance compliance, increase operational performance, and more. By integrating UKG’s robust workforce management solutions with Augmentir’s AI-powered connected worker platform, organizations can create an Augmented Connected Workforce that is more efficient, productive, and engaged.

AI-Driven Connected Workforce Management Solution

AI-driven connected workforce management solutions like those offered by UKG and Augmentir provide several benefits for manufacturing operations including Intelligent Staffing and Talent Acquisition, Predictive Workforce Planning, Strategic Scheduling and Resource Optimization, Personalized Employee Development, and Increased Productivity and Cost Savings.

AI empowers manufacturers to forecast workforce needs accurately by analyzing frontline workforce data alongside historical data, market trends, and business objectives. AI-driven scheduling algorithms optimize Lean Daily Management by considering employee availability, skills, preferences, and other capabilities. This minimizes scheduling conflicts, reduces overtime costs, and ensures fair workload distribution while enabling real-time adjustments.

Additionally, with AI and connected technology manufacturing learning and development professionals can personalize employee training programs based on individual performance data and identify skills gaps for targeted upskilling or reskilling efforts. By leveraging AI, machine learning, digital workflows, and data-driven insights, modern workforce management solutions empower organizations to build a more efficient, agile, and connected frontline workforce capable of adapting to changing demands.

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