For equipment manufacturers, the traditional approach to installing, maintaining, and servicing their equipment has become increasingly challenging due to the current travel limitations and changing nature of work caused by COVID-19. Industrial OEMs are turning to AI-powered Connected Worker technology to transform how they service and support their customers and ensure field service continuity during this unprecedented time.

Connected Worker technology combines augmented reality (AR) with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), allowing equipment manufacturers to improve the safety, quality, and productivity of their workforce both during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. 

Our vision at Augmentir is to transform connected worker technology with artificial intelligence and our software is the first of its kind to do so. Whether you have your own service force or work through a dealer network, equipment manufacturers can use Augmentir’s Connected Worker software platform to:

  • Enable your customers and 3rd party service companies to install, maintain, and repair equipment using easy to understand Augmented Guided Instructions
  • Provide remote and virtual support through integrated Remote Assist collaboration tools
  • Use AI-driven “True Opportunities” to shed light on inefficiencies and service, repair, maintenance process improvement opportunities within your direct service force, dealer networks, and customers

Connected worker software helps manufacturing and service teams improve safety, quality, and productivity across a range of use cases.


  • Guided Instructions for Assembly, QA, MRO (maintenance, repair and operation): Personalized work instructions deliver the right level of guidance, based on worker proficiency, along with 80% reduction in training and authoring times.
  • Remote Assist for Engineering Support: Integrated remote assistance tools provide industrial- level collaboration and support remote problem solving, QA checks, remote factory acceptance tests, while greatly enhancing efficiency.
  • AI-driven Continuous Improvement: Granular data collection on every job drives insights into Scrap, First Pass Yield, Production Bottlenecks and AI- based True Opportunities.


  • Guided Instructions for Repair, Warranty & Recall: Improves quality and efficiency by moving from paper- based to digital work instructions while providing enhanced insights into compliance and operations.
  • Remote Assist Supports a Multi-tier Service Network: Integrated remote assistance provides a level of remote and virtual support to customers and dealers that they have never had before.
  • AI-driven Continuous Improvement: Day after day, year after year, AI-driven True Opportunities find ways to improve your processes, procedures, and worker skills.

It’s critical that we recognize this time as a major turning point in the way frontline workers interact and perform daily operations. Manufacturers will continue to face challenges in a post-COVID world and connected worker technology will allow them to keep their workers safe and businesses operating.

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