Jobs for the Future (JFF) has selected Augmentir as one of 15 ‘Innovators to Watch’, as part of their research report Learning as an Experience.

Augmentir selected as Innovator to Watch - Jobs for the Future

Jobs for the Future (JFF) has selected Augmentir as one of 15 ‘innovators to watch’, as part of their research report Learning as an Experience.

According to JFF, these “Innovators to Watch” are a select group of visionary enterprises that are at the leading edge of market trends and they distinguish themselves from other forward-looking companies by their potential to create significant, business-aligned social impact. These companies offer a potentially transformative innovation and are led by inspiring founders and teams that we believe in.

In the report, JFFLabs takes closer look at the evolving alternative education and training market, with a focus on solutions that have a “measurable impact on workers’ wage and employment prospects.” The program providers and platforms selected help employers develop, train, and retain workers and make up “an ecosystem of opportunity that workers can turn to throughout their careers as they navigate new pathways in an ever-evolving economy.”

According to the report, “Augmentir stands out because it develops solutions with frontline workers and industrial settings in mind. At a time of heightened concern about automation eliminating industrial jobs, Augmentir presents employers with an opportunity to use technology to help workers develop the skills they need to adapt to changes.

The company frames its work around the key idea of skills variability rather than skills gaps, using artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technology to holistically understand every worker’s competencies and offering employers tools that help workers acquire new or more advanced skills.

Augmentir’s products give every worker direct access to knowledge and information in user-friendly digital formats. The company’s tools embed training into workers’ day-to-day routines, and employers can use the platform to continually update training content to support workers’ evolving learning needs. And Augmentir’s approach of collectively sourcing knowledge from individuals in the workforce makes learning a social experience and increases learner engagement by giving workers agency to shape training content.”

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