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On this episode of Workforce 4.0, join Ann Wyatt as she talks directly with Augmentir’s VP of Marketing, Chris Kuntz, on why the future of work will not only be connected but empowered. Learn more about how manufacturing is transforming from an industry of specialists to generalists, how connected worker technology is giving manufacturing operations quick (and big) wins, and what exactly we can do to preserve tribal knowledge.

In this episode:

  • Chris shares his thoughts on the relationship between empowering your workforce and how connected worker tools are creating a more collaborative environment for the future of work
  • Ann and Chris discuss the importance of digitally capturing tribal knowledge and how connected worker tools are the future of work in an Industry 4.0 centric workplace
  • Chris explains how connected worker technology is giving manufacturing companies a competitive edge on training their incumbent workforce to better prepare them for advancing into higher skilled roles within their careers


About the Workforce 4.0 Podcast:

Workforce 4.0 is an industry centric podcast featuring Manufacturing Executives from all industries coming together to emphasize how companies are partnering with technology to give people more meaningful work. As a passion project created by Ann Wyatt, Workforce 4.0 highlights crucial topics such as closing the talent gap, success stories of real people engaged with the latest manufacturing technology and how the manufacturing workforce can transition into these exciting new roles.