Leading manufacturer of high performance pump and valve solutions improves frontline worker performance across its manufacturing operation and reduces training time by over 80% with Augmentir’s software platform

HORSHAM, PA – SEPTEMBER 17, 2019Augmentir, Inc., a leading provider of augmented worker software for industrial companies, today announced that Bio-Chem Fluidics, a manufacturer of high performance pumps and valves for clinical diagnostics and analytical chemistry applications, has deployed Augmentir across its operation, resulting in improved manufacturing processes and productivity. Today’s announcement comes on the heels of the launch of Bio-Chem Foresight, intelligent pumps and valves that utilize the Company’s new Foresight Predictive Technology, further demonstrating Bio-Chem’s commitment to innovation.

Founded in 1983, Bio-Chem Fluidics designs and manufactures high-performance pump and valve solutions for leading instrumentation OEMs in the global Clinical Diagnostics, Analytical Chemistry, Water Quality and Medical Device markets.  Bio-Chem’s staying power is the result of the Company’s enduring mission to passionately provide high technology solutions in the Life Science Instrumentation marketplace to improve quality of life for everybody, every day. With its newly announced deployment of Augmentir’s software platform, Bio-Chem has reaffirmed its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in its manufacturing processes and product quality.

Augmentir’s Augmented Operations™ platform enabled Bio-Chem Fluidics to:

  • Move from Paper-based to interactive augmented instructions for assembly and QA procedures
  • Collect and provide insights on the granular assembly data required for their Lean Manufacturing initiatives and increasingly stringent regulatory requirements
  • Drive quality improvements through validation of critical assembly steps
  • Provide built-in “training” for less experienced assemblers and temps
  • Reduce training time by over 80% (from three months down to two weeks)

“Augmentir has given us the power to make data driven decisions regarding our operational environment,” stated Conor Puckett, Continuous Improvement Engineer at Bio-Chem Fluidics.  “By looking at the insights generated from the Augmentir platform, we are able to identify problems in our historical procedures that have been hidden until now, and we have identified a handful of potential continuous improvement projects from just the first few months of clean data.”

Linsey Holden-Downes, Vice President of Operations at Bio-Chem, added, “Augmentir has made our complex procedures very repeatable for operators of all skill levels. As a result, our training time for new operators has been reduced by over 80%. The flexibility and ease-of-use of the Augmentir platform have made it painless to implement across our company. Employees at Bio-Chem have really engaged with the Augmentir platform as there is a strong value proposition for all levels of the organization.”

“We are excited to partner with a forward-thinking company like Bio-Chem.  Their organizational commitment to continuous improvement made our AI-based Augmented Operations platform a perfect fit for their goals,” stated Russ Fadel, CEO of Augmentir.  “Augmentir goes beyond traditional electronic work instructions by combining high granularity data collection with automatic Artificial Intelligence insights and recommendations to help focus organizations on their largest True Opportunities™ across productivity, quality, and training.  We look forward to continuing this journey with Bio-Chem in the future.” The Augmentir Augmented Operations Platform includes complete functionality that makes it easy for industrial companies to improve their operations across a range of manufacturing and service use cases. The Platform provides software that helps guide frontline workers with augmented, step-by-step-instructions, assist workers with live remove expert collaboration, and utilizes its AI engine to deliver organization-wide insights and recommendations that focus on improving the quality and productivity of frontline workers.




About Augmentir

Augmentir is a leading provider of augmented worker software for industrial companies. Its flagship offering, the Augmented Operations™ platform, is the first of its kind to combine enterprise augmented reality (AR) with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to empower frontline workers, helping workers perform their jobs with higher quality and increased productivity while driving continuous improvement across the organization.  For more information, please visit www.augmentir.com.

About Bio-Chem Fluidics

Bio-Chem designs and manufactures high performance pump and valve solutions for leading instrumentation OEMs in the global Clinical Diagnostics, Analytical Chemistry, Water Quality and Medical Device markets. Bio-Chem Fluidics’ dedicated commercial teams work closely with OEMs to solve fluid control issues with renowned engineering prowess and industry leading fluidic components Bio-Chem Fluidics, headquartered in New Jersey, is a subsidiary of Halma plc, and a part of the Halma Medical and Environmental Sector. For more information, please visit www.biochemfluidics.com.