World’s only AI-based connected worker platform adds localization, enterprise connectors, and SSO to support the needs of Fortune 1000 customers in CPG, automotive, life sciences, industrial equipment, paper & packaging, energy, and food & beverage

HORSHAM, PA – March 16, 2021 Augmentir, Inc., the only provider of artificial intelligence-based connected worker software, today announced new features and updates to its market-leading connected worker platform to meet the needs of its expanding global customer base. The additional product features include localization support, enterprise connectors, single sign-on support, and multi-region scalability and redundancy. These enhancements will provide increased flexibility, security, and ease of use to help industrial companies digitize their operations on a global scale.

“Augmentir has been helping industrial companies of all sizes digitize their frontline workforce and deliver improved safety, quality, and productivity in today’s new normal,” stated Russ Fadel, CEO and Co-Founder of Augmentir. “Over the past several months we’ve worked closely with our enterprise customers to add several exciting features to our already easy-to-use platform. The new features we announced today will help these companies continue to expand their digital transformation efforts on a global scale.”

Today’s announcement includes:

  • Localization support for globally distributed worker teams, enabling companies to provide digital guidance and remote support in multiple languages for teams located across the globe.
  • Expanded library of Enterprise Connectors, which allow companies to fully integrate Augmentir into popular business applications. This release adds connectors for SAP, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics, making it easy to integrate digital workflows and share data.
  • Enterprise security and Single Sign-On (SSO), enabling large enterprises to reduce security risks and streamline user experiences while delivering seamless access from anywhere.
  • Multi-Region Scalability and Redundancy, which increases Augmentir’s already marketing leading availability, providing business continuity and global availability for enterprises that operate across multiple global regions.

According to LNS Research:

“Industrial organizations clearly recognize the potential business value to be gained from Industrial Transformation (IX) investments aimed at digitally connecting the industrial frontline workforce. Work on the plant floor to field service is being revolutionized once again with deeper connectivity between the workforce and overall industrial operations. Connected Frontline Workforce technologies enable greater integration between people and systems across operations, extending capabilities to wherever work is performed.”

Augmentir’s AI-powered connected worker platform is being used to digitize operations across a range of industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, and automotive manufacturing, as well as utilities, oil and gas, mining, and industrial equipment manufacturing and service. The platform provides digital workflow and remote collaboration tools to help industrial companies intelligently guide and remotely support their frontline teams with a solution that is fully supported on mobile devices or AR-enabled smart glasses. In addition, the platform delivers AI-based organization-wide insights and recommendations that focus on continually improving the quality and productivity of frontline workers.

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About Augmentir

Augmentir™ is the world’s only AI-Powered Connected Worker platform for industrial companies. Augmentir is the first of its kind to combine enterprise augmented reality (AR) with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to intelligently close skills gaps so that frontline workers can perform their jobs with higher quality and increased productivity while driving continuous improvement across the organization. Augmentir is being used to help intelligently guide and support frontline workers in a wide range of industrial use cases – from manufacturing teams on the shop floor to service and repair teams out in the field. For more information, please visit