New AI capabilities represent another step forward in the company’s AI-first journey, delivering innovations for the manufacturing industry.

Augmentir AI

February 28, 2023 Augmentir, the provider of the world’s only AI-based connected worker solution, announced today that it is expanding its AI platform to incorporate the foundational technologies underpinning ChatGPT. These new capabilities will improve the company’s existing True Productivity™ and True Proficiency™ offerings while accelerating the introduction of its True Engagement™ offering. These three unique, patented capabilities enable industrial companies to thrive in this era of workforce disruption while safeguarding customer data and maintaining privacy.

Augmentir’s platform has become the leading connected worker solution in the industrial sector, offering a wide range of out-of-the-box capabilities, connectors to business systems, and broad extensibility that enable manufacturers to digitize all their frontline operations, reducing onboarding time, and increasing workforce productivity. The platform’s AI-based tools, which include machine learning algorithms and natural language processing, help workers to access the right information at the right time and enable managers to optimize their workforce’s performance.

“We’re excited to be adding the foundational technologies of ChatGPT into our platform,” said Russ Fadel, CEO of Augmentir. “This will build on our experience of delivering AI-driven insights to industrial companies since 2019. We are uniquely positioned to bring these technologies to the market quickly, and in a manner that places our customers’ privacy and IP as a top priority. Adding the ability to communicate with the platform using natural language will make it even easier for our customers to access the information they need and engage with their colleagues. When combined with our existing AI-based features, this will further improve the overall efficiency and productivity of their operations, leading to better business outcomes.”

This expansion unlocks even greater potential for manufacturers looking to digitize and optimize their frontline operations. Augmentir’s purpose-built AI, which is focused on industrial operational insights, combined with Generative AI and other emerging foundation models, enhances the value that manufacturers can achieve with Augmentir, helping them uncover new opportunities to improve productivity and optimize their operations.

The new capabilities will be available to select Augmentir customers in the coming months, with a commercial release expected in late 2023.

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Augmentir is a leading provider of connected worker software solutions for industrial companies. The company’s AI-based platform speeds the onboarding of new workers, while dynamically closing skills gaps at the moment of need leading to improved efficiency, productivity, and safety. Companies in manufacturing, service, energy, and construction leverage Augmentir’s suite of tools to deliver more intelligent skills management, training, collaboration, and on the job support for today’s more dynamic, more flexible industrial workforce. For more information, visit