Company’s Latest Product Release Introduces a Modern Approach to Remote Collaboration for the Manufacturing and Service Industry

HORSHAM, PA – APRIL 29, 2020Augmentir, Inc., the leading provider of artificial intelligence-based connected worker software for industrial companies, today announced multiple updates to its AI-Powered Connected Worker platform, including extended artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and enhanced remote collaboration features for manufacturing and service teams. These new features are designed to help companies optimize and improve the safety and productivity of their frontline workforce.

“The nature of work in the industrial sector is changing, and we are excited to bring these new features to market to better serve companies that are looking for innovative ways to connect and optimize their workforce,” stated Russ Fadel, Co-Founder and CEO of Augmentir. “This new release extends our commitment to using AI to innovate for the benefit of the frontline workforce, and introduces a revolutionary new way for manufacturing and service teams to communicate and collaborate.”

Augmentir’s Connected Worker Platform is a comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools designed to help manufacturing and service teams improve operations, close skills gaps, capture tribal knowledge, and drive continuous improvement efforts. The platform provides tools to help teams author and publish digital work instructions and workflows and provides collaboration tools to support remote work scenarios. In addition, the platform delivers AI-based organization-wide insights and recommendations that focus on improving the quality and productivity of frontline workers.

In this most recent software release, Augmentir has greatly enhanced its Remote Assist industrial collaboration tool. Augmentir Remote Assist allows manufacturing and service workers to remotely connect and collaborate with subject matter experts to help perform remote inspections as well as troubleshoot and diagnose field service problems. The software is supported on a range of mobile and wearable devices, including iOS or Android mobile devices, or AR-enabled smart glasses. Features include:

  • Integrated chat allows subject matter experts to support conversations with multiple workers simultaneously to help diagnose and solve problems faster.
  • Live video and audio streaming, file sharing, and annotations enhance collaboration and improve issue resolution and remote knowledge sharing.
  • Recording of sessions with up to 40 participants to support business scenarios including remote Factory Acceptance Tests, and Site Acceptance Tests that are now being performed virtually due to travel restrictions related to COVID-19.
  • Intelligent grouping and multi-level escalation allows companies to support complex workflow and routing scenarios between users.

Additionally, for manufacturing and service teams that are impacted by travel restrictions and social distancing enforcement, Augmentir is expanding its COVID-19 response to provide the free use of its Remote Assist Essentials software through 2020 for teams of up to 25 users. Fadel added, “Due to increased demand for a virtual support tool during these difficult times, we’ve extended our offer so that workers, technicians, and customers can get the support they need and continue to do their jobs without compromising health, safety, or productivity.”

A new early-access release is available immediately, and companies can get started today with a free trial of the entire platform. For more information and to sign up for free, please visit the Augmentir website.


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About Augmentir

Augmentir is the world’s only AI-Powered Connected Worker platform for industrial companies. Augmentir is the first of its kind to combine enterprise augmented reality (AR) with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to intelligently close skills gaps so that frontline workers can perform their jobs with higher quality and increased productivity while driving continuous improvement across the organization. Augmentir is being used to help intelligently guide and support frontline workers in a wide range of industrial use cases – from manufacturing teams on the shop floor to service and repair teams out in the field. For more information, please visit