Augmentir’s Remote Assist Essentials delivers cost-effective, easy-to-use remote expert and Enterprise Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities to help industrial companies improve the productivity of their frontline workforce

HORSHAM, PA – JUNE 11, 2019 – Augmentir, a leading provider of digital worker software for industrial companies, today announced its latest offering, Remote Assist Essentials, a solution designed for companies seeking an easy and cost-effective way to provide remote assistance to frontline workers. The new offering helps industrial companies get started quickly with remote expert functionality, providing the first step in improving the overall productivity and efficiency of its frontline workforce.

Augmentir’s Remote Assist Essentials sets a new price point in the remote assistance market, and when combined with Augmentir’s “up-and-running in 10 minutes” promise, makes this functionality viable for any sized company engaged in manufacturing or service. Remote Assist Essentials also includes a trial license to Augmentir’s entire platform functionality, allowing companies to experiment with the augmented guided procedure and AI-based operational analytics modules.

With Remote Assist Essentials, companies can:

  • Get Started Quickly and Cost-Effectively: Start instantly with essential remote assistant capabilities that can be deployed cost-effectively, backed by Augmentir’s scalable enterprise-grade platform.
  • Guide Frontline Workers with Remote Expert Support: One-click live remote collaboration support allows frontline workers to instantly connect with subject matter experts within their organization, helping solve problems faster and provide improved knowledge transfer. Augmentir’s Remote Assist Essentials supports voice calling, live chat, and video streaming, including the ability for annotations during remote support sessions that help guide workers on the correct steps to take.
  • Scale with a Complete Platform: Augmentir’s Remote Assist Essentials is built on the company’s AI-Powered Augmented Operations platform, allowing companies to add more advanced capabilities quickly and easily, as well as extend the functionality of the solution through access to enterprise applications that integrate with Augmentir.

“Our new offering provides an economical way for companies to begin leveraging remote assistance, guided procedures, and artificial intelligence, to help digitize their operations and provide frontline worker support,” said Russ Fadel, CEO and Co-Founder of Augmentir. “With our Essentials offering, we’ve taken the power of Augmentir and tailored it for the unique needs of companies looking to start providing remote support for their frontline workers. We believe that this transformational software should be as easy to use and easy to own for industrial companies. We designed our platform with low IT staff requirements, quick onboarding and implementation, and priced for a range of from small to mid-sized and large organizations.”

Augmentir’s Remote Assist Essentials package is available to customers starting at $10 per user per month, with additional pricing tiers available based on usage. Augmentir Remote Assist Essentials is part of the core capabilities of the Augmentir platform, which includes a comprehensive set of features that makes it easy for industrial companies to improve their operations across a range of manufacturing and service use cases. The platform provides software that helps guide frontline workers with augmented, step-by-step-instructions, assist workers with live remote expert collaboration, and utilizes its artificial intelligence engine to deliver organization-wide insights and recommendations that focus on improving the quality and productivity of frontline workers.

For more information on Remote Assist Essentials, please visit the Augmentir website at