Augmentir’s industry-leading suite of AI-based connected worker tools helps industrial companies combat the labor crisis with smart skills management and frontline productivity tools

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Horsham, PA July 28, 2022Augmentir, the provider of the world’s only smart connected worker suite, today announced new innovations to its industry-leading solution. The company’s latest product features extend the functionality of its suite of smart connected worker tools with intelligent skills management, allowing companies to build a more skilled workforce while maximizing productivity within frontline operations.

Workforce shortages and shrinking retention rates remain top challenges for industrial operations, according to Deloitte. Today, almost 90% of manufacturers are struggling to fill crucial labor gaps, reporting that their frontline facilities are understaffed as much as 38% of the time. Augmentir’s suite of connected worker tools is designed to help manufacturers more efficiently onboard new workers and reduce the time it takes to get them productive.  Additionally, Augmentir’s Skills Intelligence provides the data and AI-powered insights to help managers make educated staffing decisions, to allocate team members where they can be the most productive. 

“Today’s announcement reinforces why Augmentir is in a category of its own in the competitive world of digital solutions for industrial frontline work,” stated Russ Fadel, CEO and Co-Founder of Augmentir. “Skills management has historically been paper-based and/or siloed solutions that weren’t designed for the level of workforce churn that companies are experiencing today. Additionally, they don’t give a clear and integrated picture of employee skills and their actual work proficiency, making it impossible to intelligently target reskilling and upskilling efforts. Not only does this impact the businesses ability to meet its production goals but it also leaves the worker without a means to grow in their career. These latest product updates deliver data-driven, digitized skills intelligence within a single suite of connected worker tools to help companies close the loop between training and work execution.”

Organizations such as Colgate-Palmolive, Baker Hughes, Hunter Industries, and the US Air Force currently leverage Augmentir’s suite of AI-based connected worker tools to connect, digitize, and optimize their frontline operations. With the addition of skills management and training, Augmentir is extending this value by offering organizations an easy way to visualize and track their workforce skills, while providing digitization and intelligence tools for all processes necessary to support the frontline workforce from hire to retire.

“Augmentir’s skills and certifications dashboard provides invaluable analytics into how effective our training truly is, allowing us to improve overall efficiency,” stated Yunior Murillo, Senior Operations Training Supervisor at Hunter Industries. “This gives us the ability to provide employees training when and where it’s needed on the production floor and intelligently connect it to our automation software and learning management systems.”

Augmentir’s complete lineup of smart features now includes:

  • Skills Management – Allows companies to efficiently track and manage skills for frontline teams, use this information when scheduling and assigning work, and leverage real performance insights to help target reskilling and upskilling
  • Work Execution – Digital workflow tools allow companies to digitize existing paper-based work procedures and SOPs with Augmentir’s no code content creation environment, and leverage data-driven workforce intelligence to deliver individualized worker guidance and support
  • Industrial Collaboration – Provides workers with instant access to subject matter experts for specialized guidance and troubleshooting support using familiar collaboration tools, while offering the company insight into bottlenecks and improvement opportunities
  • Knowledge Management – Provides workers with frictionless access to curated knowledge that was previously fragmented in silos but is now available at the moment of need from a single interface

These capabilities, built on top of Augmentir’s patented “Smart” AI foundation, close the loop between training and work execution to deliver the data and in-line insights necessary to continuously improve operational excellence day-over-day, year-over-year. 


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