March 22, 2022

smart manufacturing food and beverage

As we move towards the new normal, experts predict that the demand on the food and beverage manufacturing industry is expected to double within the next 30 years due to population growth. However, the great resignation is upon us and the Food & Beverage industry is struggling to find skilled workers during the labor shortages. 

An increase in demand, while maintaining quality control during this time means the Food and Beverage industry must integrate Smart Manufacturing Technology to ensure they stay competitive while producing high quality items at a faster rate. Emerging technologies that leverage AI, Robotics, and Advanced Analytics will need to be a part of your digital strategy in order to stay relevant and competitive.

The Smart Manufacturing for Food and Beverage is a virtual event made up of a series of presentations and interactive discussions on facilitating the seamless transition towards Industry 4.0. The event will take place online on March 22nd

At the Smart Manufacturing for Food and Beverage event, you will hear from industry thought leaders and experts on:

  • Create the Smart Food & Beverage Factory of the future: drive down costs, enhance efficiency, optimize production, and maintain quality
  • Conduct an organizational assessment: determine areas ripe for technology and automation
  • Instilling a culture of technology and innovation that responds to digital resistance and bridges existing skills gaps
  • Develop the Industry 4.0 roadmap, build the business case, demonstrate ROI, and secure buy-in for smart technology
  • Identify and select appropriate technology: IIoT, Machine Health, Robotics, AI/ML/Advanced Analytics, Digital Twins, VR/AR, and Blockchain

Among the presenters will be Augmentir’s VP of Strategic Operations as he discusses how our clients are able to overcome the labor shortages by leveraging AI for performance support, filling the issues of the labor shortage, and ensuring that all workers are able to perform at their best. 


Who attends the Smart Manufacturing for Food and Beverage event?

This Summit is designed for C-Suite, VPs, Directors, Heads and Managers from:

  • Process Control/ Process Automation
  • Smart Manufacturing/ Industry 4.0/Digital Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Analytics/Manufacturing Operations
  • Digital Innovation/ Digital Strategy/Digital Transformation
  • Power Controls
  • Information Systems
  • Data/ AI Strategy / ML/ Robotics/ IIoT & Connected Devices
  • Operational Technology/ Emerging Technology
  • Digital Supply Chain/ Supply Chain Innovation 


With more and more manufacturers digitizing their workforce operations, it is crucial to bring all stakeholders in on the decision-making process to manage workforce expectations and build a smart manufacturing culture. Attend the Smart Manufacturing for Food and Beverage Event to acquire the necessary tools and knowledge needed to build a digital strategy with modern, emerging technologies that will boost productivity and promote continuous improvement.