April 20-22 | Orlando, FL

Learning Solutions Conference

Learning Solutions Conference & Expo is where learning professionals from around the globe have gathered year after year to share and explore what works in L&D. The event consists of the full Conference and the free-to-attend Expo. The Conference houses 120+ practical sessions, invigorating keynotes, many opportunities for attendees to connect, and much more. The sessions are categorized under key L&D tracks including: Instructional Design, Management & Strategy, Emerging Tech, Tools, Learning Platforms, and more. These tracks serve as a session guide for every member of a team, from instructional designers to high-level executives. 

The free-to-attend Expo consists of 60+ leading industry suppliers that showcase their latest tools, technologies, products, and services. Learning Solutions 2022 will be held April 20 – 22, 2022, at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida. 

Visit Augmentir’s Booth and Hear Innovative Ways to Train Your Workforce

Traditional approaches to training and development don’t apply to today’s industrial workforce. Augmentir delivers continuous learning and development tools to optimize training for a rapidly changing and diverse workforce. AI-based analytics help you better understand your workforce and make informed workforce development decisions.

Stop by booth 410 to hear how companies like Bio-Chem Fluidics was able to improve learning and development by reducing training times of new hires by over 80% (from three months down to two weeks) using Augmentir’s AI-powered connected worker platform while also driving continuous improvement across its entire manufacturing operation.

If your work is in the design, development, and/or management of learning and performance initiatives, Learning Solutions 2022 is for you. The program supports the entire team so regardless of your specific role, you’ll find what you need to be successful at any level. This event attracts people from around the world who want to keep up with the evolving needs of their learners and organizations, including:

  • Individual contributors, such as instructional designers and eLearning developers
  • L&D and training managers, directors, and executives
  • Managers and executives whose work connects to learning, such as chief technology officers, human resources executives, and IT directors
  • Plus, anyone looking for proven learning solutions, including new tools, technologies, products, services, strategies, and best practices that they can deploy in their organizations right away!

What Will You Gain?

  • Contemporary Content – Learning Solutions’ dedication to sharing proven examples in learning will help you and your team gain a stronger sense of what’s available and how you can put these tools and techniques into practice.
  • Applicable Ideas – the Learning Solutions program is created by experienced professionals who come from the fields of instructional design, eLearning development, technology, HR, and L&D leadership. They pride themselves on staying current with what matters most to people like you.
  • Access to Expertise – get key advice from experts who will discuss the strategies and tools currently working in learning, and how they could impact your organization tomorrow.
  • Today’s Technology – explore new solutions from dozens of leading suppliers of learning tools, technologies, and services at the Expo.
  • Community – head back to the office with fresh ideas for your work and new, lifelong connections to reach out to after the conference.

What to Expect

The Learning Solutions 2022 program hosts energizing learning opportunities for you to make amazing leaps in the work you do in L&D. There will be many opportunities that will propel your performance and expertise:

  • Keynotes – the keynotes at Learning Solutions are inspirational, amazing storytellers, and they will leave you with a whole new perspective on the world of learning and development.
  • 120+ Sessions – sessions at this event are led by people from L&D like you and will help you discover solutions you can use right away. The 120+ sessions will explore the most pivotal topics in our industry today, including instructional design, management and strategy, emerging tech, and more.

Learning Solutions will also offer pre-conference opportunities that will focus on proven practices and explore what works at the intersection of learning and technology. To expand upon this theme, there will be 14 learning opportunities kicking off before the main event that are fully dedicated to the most important topics in the field:

  • Workshops – optional pre-conference workshops will provide you with a deep dive into new skills and knowledge that you can immediately put to work in your organization.
  • Co-located Events – choose from unique co-located events to explore and help solve some of the most common challenges in the field.
  • Certificate Programs – Learning Solutions hosts two Certificate Programs, happening April 18 & 19 prior to the conference. Join expert speakers as they take a close look at emerging topics with a focus on practical application.