May 30 – June 2, 2022 | Hannover, Germany

Hannover Messe

HANNOVER MESSE 2022, the world’s most important event for industrial technology, focuses on digitalization and sustainability. Digitalization and sustainability are the key to transforming business and industry because they enable digitized, climate-neutral and sustainable value creation.

Climate protection requires digitalization, automation, green energy, and growth

Industry plays a key role on the road to climate neutrality. To maintain competitiveness, industrial companies have to protect the environment; to do so, they must significantly reduce CO2 emissions. How? By investing in digitalized, energy-efficient, and climate-friendly production processes. And only the most modern industrial technologies can generate and distribute renewable energies in sufficient quantities. HANNOVER MESSE 2022 shows how industry is transitioning to climate-neutrality.

The path to a climate-neutral industry goes through Hannover

Exhibitors at HANNOVER MESSE have combined digitalization, artificial intelligence, automation, and sustainable energy concepts to develop solutions to the global challenges of climate change.


Augmentir will be attending HANNOVER MESSE along with partners Cisco Webex and RealWear.

Augmentir joined the Webex Ecosystem in 2021 as Cisco’s connected worker partner, allowing Webex by Cisco customers to empower their frontline workers via a seamless integration of Webex and Augmentir’s connected worker and digital workflow solution. Through the integration of Augmentir and Webex Expert on Demand (XoD), industrial companies can:

  • Improve job quality – Drive quality improvements by moving from paper-based to interactive digital work instructions augmented with rich media, contextual data, and mixed reality experiences, ensuring your workers always have the correct information on hand to make error-free and safe decisions.
  • Reduce time to resolution – Enhance collaboration across your teams with access to on-demand remote expert guidance through Webex Expert on Demand, allowing your remote workforce and your customers to remotely collaborate and receive instant help from subject matter experts no matter the time or their location.
  • Improve Worker Safety – In addition to running on any mobile phone or tablet, Augmentir and Webex are supported on the voice enabled RealWear Navigator 500 as well as HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 industrial headsets, offering hands-free operation that can be used in nearly any industrial environment. This helps workers stay focused on the task at hand to improve safety and efficiency.
  • Reduce operational costs – Identify areas where the largest improvements can be made within your workforce and across your organization with insights from Augmentir’s AI.


Companies from mechanical and electrical engineering as well as the software and IT sectors demonstrate how digitalization and automation link together factories to produce more efficiently and use fewer resources. Companies from the energy industry show how to generate and transmit energy efficiently and sustainably; how to produce and use hydrogen for industrial production; and how to distribute wind and solar power intelligently. These technologies offer considerable potential, especially for energy-intensive manufacturing companies.

HANNOVER MESSE promotes sustainable economic growth, because without it climate goals are too expensive and thus unattainable. Plus, sustainability generates additional growth and new business opportunities. How? Digitalization and automation save energy and resources while increasing productivity. The end result: A much smaller, transparent CO2 footprint.

This is how HANNOVER MESSE initiates a constructive discourse between business, politics, science, and society, which in turn develop solutions to the big challenge facing mankind –climate change.

We are very excited to showcase this partnership live in Germany with our partners at RealWear and CiscoWebex. Be sure to visit us in the expo hall to see how Cisco Webex Expert on Demand and Augmentir’s AI-Powered Connected Worker Platform together deliver a powerful solution that helps intelligently guide and remotely support frontline workers so that they can perform at their best.