May 3-5, 2022 | Houston, TX

Connected Worker Summit

Join us at this year’s Connected Worker Summit on May 3-5, 2022, and network with over 200 operations leaders at the Norris Conference Center in Houston, TX. Learn how to build a connected workforce to improve operational efficiency, training, asset management, quality, and safety.

Over 30 industry leaders are taking to the stage to show you how to:

  • Create a safer work environment, boost compliance and improve efficiencies through automation
  • Make your data mobile and reduce rework, non-productive time, and time to decision
  • The next normal: Connected Worker driven Operational Excellence
  • Locate assets, materials, tools, and coworkers during maintenance projects
  • Achieve a resilient world-class safety culture by leveraging AI / ML and Cloud
  • Use AR/VR to Create Simulated Environments
  • Adapt to the new post Covid 19 reality and build agility and flexibility into your operations
  • Empower front-line employees with a dynamic Connected Worker strategy
  • Provide a consolidated view to link your front-line workers to the information they need – when they need it most
  • Measure the ROI of connected worker technologies so you can build the business case now

Dive into the latest trends and challenges, choose between 8 peer-led Interactive Discussion Groups, embrace more networking time, and enjoy pre-summit workshops focused on:

  • Moving from connected worker to connected workforce
  • Driving operational excellence with a robust connected worker strategy
  • Reducing risk in hazardous conditions with connected safety management
  • Improving efficiencies and consistency with remote operations
  • Leveraging connected worker technology to improve maintenance and inspections
  • Preparing your organization for digital, business, and cultural transformation


The Connected Worker Summit agenda includes insightful hands-on workshops and two full days of case studies, keynotes, and interactive discussion groups. Plus don’t miss out on networking sessions, demos, dinners, and more!

The importance of having a connected workforce in order to achieve operational excellence is no secret. The pandemic has taught industrial leaders that it is critical to ensure their frontline workers are safe, connected, and empowered so that they can make intelligent, informed decisions. The number one way to build resilient, safe, efficient operations is through a connected workforce. At Augmentir, we recognize that this new connected worker is a source of valuable enterprise data – but only if the data can be captured and understood. The challenge lies in the fact that connected worker data is inherently noisy, with high variability and confusing signals. Making sense of this data and turning it into actionable insights is only possible with AI. At the Connected Worker Summit, discover how Augmentir’s AI-powered connected worker technology is being used to shape today’s new workforce and address some of manufacturing’s biggest challenges.