October 18-20, 2022 | San Diego, CA

aes 2022

The Augmented Enterprise Summit (AES), formerly known as EWTS, is the longest-running and most comprehensive event dedicated to the business and industrial applications of XR, wearables, and other emerging technologies, including AR/VR/MR, body-worn sensors, exoskeletons, digital twins, and more.

The Augmented Enterprise Summit is where enterprises go to hear best practices and other practical insights for evaluating, adopting, implementing and scaling XR in the workplace. AES is finally returning to an in-person gathering from October 18-20 in San Diego making this the best opportunity once again for enterprises to educate themselves on the opportunities for and challenges of using XR in business.

What you’ll learn

Enterprises come to AES to hear practical and tested advice for using AR/VR/MR (XR) and other emerging technologies in the workplace. AES speakers share real experiences, real successes and failures, and lessons learned, including how to:

  • Choose a use case, solution, partner or vendor
  • Get buy-in and work with IT and other stakeholders
  • Set up a low-cost pilot, determine KPIs, and measure ROI
  • Handle change management and interoperability
  • Create a pipeline of digital content
  • Manage devices, security, and more

Topics covered

  • Areas where AR/VR/MR (XR) is having the greatest impact today
  • XR for beginners: Lessons from early adopters, avoiding pilot purgatory, etc.
  • Scaling XR: Barriers to ROI, increased devices, etc.
  • Real benefits: Operational efficiencies and savings possible today
  • Hardware: Human-centered design and ergonomic factors
  • Creating 3D content for immersive apps, including low-code development
  • Non-eyewear and industrial exoskeletons (wearable EHS)
  • Security, privacy, and ethics
  • Connected workplace: IIoT, 5G, automation, AI, digital twins, etc.
  • Analytics: Visualizing big data, actionable insights, etc.
  • Driving projects from POC to full-scale deployment
  • More: Metaverse, haptics, eye/head tracking, spatial audio, NFTs, WebXR, virtual office, etc.

Why attend AES

AES is the best place to learn what you need to know to successfully leverage XR and other emerging technologies in your business from the very companies seeing ROI today. During the event, you’ll connect with those driving XR in the workplace, including leading practitioners from every sector and experienced solution providers, along with key analysts, consultants, and integrators–all in one place, at one time.

You’ll also be able to try out some of the top hardware and software solutions having an impact in real enterprise environments and meet leading solution providers demoing a range of devices and platforms, including AR glasses, MR/VR headsets, body-worn sensors, exoskeletons, 3D content creation tools, XR accessories, and more.

Following the show, you’ll get access to exclusive educational content, including session videos and presentation slides, new white papers and reports, and other resources strictly available to the AES community.

Augmentir is so excited to be part of this year’s AES event! We’re looking forward to discussing the biggest trends and challenges of the manufacturing workforce today and how AI-powered connected worker technology is being used to shape today’s new workforce and address these challenges. We’ll be talking about best practices for leveraging real-time workforce intelligence to provide insights into workforce training, guidance, and support needs.