Online | On-demand

Online | On-demand

This webinar discusses proven approaches and best practices for manufacturing companies to address and reduce the “Six Big Losses” in an era where workforces are impacted by no travel and required social distancing.

Manufacturing’s “Six Big Losses” in the COVID-19 era include:

  • Shutdown
  • Operatonal Downtime
  • Changeover
  • Equipment Failures
  • Process Failures
  • Production Adjustments

Hear from Augmentir how its Connected Worker Platform is using AI to empower workers to make faster, better decisions, and safely connecting them through remote collaboration technology to ensure equipment-based productivity losses are minimized.

Also hear from Bootleg Advisors, in partnership with Augmentir, on how their curated solutions can bring together content and a company’s SME network to help uncover productivity improvement opportunities, reduce costs, reduce risk, and allow organizations to execute effectively ensure a minimum of a 9:1 ROI with a near immediate return. 

This webinar was hosted in partnership with IndustryWeek, Russ Fadel, Co-Founder and CEO of Augmentir and John Schultz, Chief Bootlegger at Bootleg Advisors Inc.