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eBook - Digital Transformation in Consumer Goods Manufacturing

The global pandemic has disrupted the way we work – and in doing so exposed the glaring lack of investment in industrial frontline workforces in consumer goods, food and beverage, and packaged goods manufacturing.

This lack of investment perpetuated work processes that relied on face-to-face training, in person assistance, paper processes, and a stable, predictable workforce. When COVID appeared, these constraints created crises for companies, causing them to scramble to keep the lights on, keep product being made, and equipment being serviced. While the pandemic exposed these issues, some manufacturers and industry analysts have been saying this same thing over the last 5 years – that a growing digital divide existed within companies between the office worker and the frontline worker. This growing digital divide is leaving many companies ill-prepared to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving frontline workforce. These workers still need access to information, guidance, training, and support, but can no longer rely on outdated work processes and don’t have the digital tools and technology available to them.

Yet, despite the increased focus on digitization efforts, many well-intentioned digital transformation efforts still fail to include the frontline workforce in the equation, who are an integral and obvious part of the process. And as they are typically disconnected from the business at large, they continue to be disconnected from a company’s continued digital transformation.

In this eBook, learn how consumer goods manufacturers are using digital technology and connected worker solutions to deliver maximum safety, quality, and productivity for their workforce.

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