The World’s 1st
Augmented Operations Platform

Augmentir is the first of the next generation of platforms that enable rapid and sustainable digital transformation for companies in manufacturing, service, logistics, and energy. Deploying Augmentir enables companies to achieve a step change in quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Value Beyond the Instruction

Augmentir uniquely delivers value beyond the guided instruction to help companies transform their businesses to fully augmented operations, creating a sustainable competitive advantage. Augmentir:

Connects your front-line workers into the digital fabric of the business, delivering fully augmented, guided instructions to improve productivity, quality and customer satisfaction

Streams this new, granular front-line worker data into the AI engine and delivering brilliant insights that identify the largest opportunities across the organization

Recommends improvement actions to front-line workers, continuous improvement specialists, trainers, manufacturing engineers, and operation & service managers

White Paper:  Rise of the Augmented Worker

Discover a new approach to leveraging Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence that will allow you to continually improve the productivity of your frontline workforce.

Augmenting Human-centric Tasks

The core of Augmentir is the ability to deliver rich, interactive, augmented procedures to the people/humans that build, inspect, service, and transport your products. By delivering personalized guidance and support to each worker, through tablets, phones or smart glasses, they are empowered to perform each job at their peak efficiency. Whether your teams are starting with tribal knowledge, paper or electronic instructions, Augmentir’s rapid authoring environment allows you to make this transition in hours.

Once your workforce is connected to the Augmentir platform, this new, highly granular data is streamed into the AI engine, enabling us to analyze this and deliver insights into the areas of largest opportunities in the business, allowing you to focus on areas that provide the greatest return in productivity, quality or customer satisfaction.

Core Capabilities

Rapid Authoring

Deliver More Effective Work Procedures

Build, test, and deploy to production augmented work procedures 10x faster using Augmentir’s AI-powered authoring environment.

  • Drag and Drop interactive components such as rich media, checklists, or device readings
  • Embed Remote Experts into the procedures
  • Simplify authoring using Procedure Templates for complex assembly and service procedures
  • Easily Integrate 3rd party business systems
  • AI-based Author Insights™ help make your procedures better and improve them over time

Author Once, Run Anywhere

Choose the Right Device for the Job

Augmentir’s author once, run anywhere environment allows augmented procedures to be delivered to users through any device appropriate for the job – smart glasses, smart phones, tablets, or desktops.

  • Procedures are written once and optimized for each device’s capabilities
  • Easily compare the impact of each device type on business outcomes
  • Take advantage of new devices and wearables as they become available

Augmentir Assist™

Assist your teams on the go

The on-demand remote expert functionality allows your workers to quickly pull in a colleague when their expertise is required. Assist™ sessions are fully embedded into the augmented procedure and data related to these are captured in the AI engine.

  • Live annotations
  • Remote Expert has access to all steps in the procedure
  • AI based insights identify remote expert opportunities

Integrate With Everything

In Augmented Operations every system must be part of the "digital thread" of your business with no air gaps between Augmentir™ and tools, IoT systems, manufacturing and service systems, and other business systems. Augmentir™ enables:

  • Connect your workers with the smart tools they use
  • Connect business systems to create a digital thread
  • Use oDATA for simplified integration with reporting tools

AI-Based Insight Engine

Augmentir’s embedded AI engine enables true organizational optimization using the rich stream of activity data to provide insights into the largest business opportunities across stakeholders in operations, continuous improvement, quality, training and engineering.

  • Author insights speed deployment of production ready procedures
  • Personalized procedures optimize each workers time vs quality
  • Procedure opportunities identify areas of maximum ROI

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