March 19-22, 2024 | Munich, Germany

Augmentir at the Smart Manufacturing Excellence Summit 2024

The Smart Manufacturing Excellence Summit 2024 brings together professionals to learn and discuss how smart manufacturing influences every aspect of business, the latest trends, new technologies, expansion of artificial intelligence & robotics, and operational excellence in manufacturing. Smart manufacturing combines various information, technologies, big data, and computer controls to optimize the manufacturing process. Moving from traditional automation towards fully connected, integrated, and flexible systems; smart factories nowadays improve their processes through self-optimization. The summit takes place from the 19th – 22nd of March 2024 in Munich, Germany.

Why attend

At the Smart Manufacturing Excellence Summit 2024 you have a chance to be part of an eye-opening event with keynote speeches and panel discussions led by industry leaders, providing you a platform to gain valuable insights.

HANDS ON LEARNING: The conference promises to address and discuss the most relevant and innovative trends in the Manufacturing industry.

THOUGHT-PROVOKING TOPICS: The summit has a unique program, made up of strategic presentations that cater to a wide range of subjects including impressive keynotes, insightful case studies, and thoughtful discussions.

INDUSTRY FOCUS: Attendees will stand to gain the utmost value from first-hand experience and practices from cross-industry leaders based on their specific industry.

TARGETED NETWORKING: This event is invaluable for professionals wishing to gain knowledge of leading-edge practices with influential peers, engage with partners, interact with industry thought leaders, and find insights or solutions to impact their bottom line.

Key Topics:

  • Digital Transformation In Manufacturing
  • IOT In Manufacturing
  • Lean & Operational Excellence
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Integrated Digital Factory/Smart Factory
  • Advanced Production Strategies
  • Manufacturing Excellence
  • Predictive Maintenance 4.0

Listen to the top leading companies sharing their challenges and management strategies while networking with the industry giants and exchange your experience during coffee breaks, lunches and gala dinner. Additionally, there is an optional tour of BMW’s automobile assembly factory in Munich, one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturing facilities, available exclusively for attendees. Register here.

Augmentir at the Smart Manufacturing Excellence Summit 2024

AI and connected worker solutions are transforming the manufacturing landscape, empowering frontline workers with access to tools, data, and insights that improve their day-to-day work processes and more. They play a pivotal role in smart manufacturing initiatives facilitating collaboration, data processing and analysis, real-time communication, and more.

Smart connected worker solutions enhance operational efficiency by enabling workers to access crucial information, instructions, and feedback instantly, streamlining production processes and reducing errors. Manufacturing is uniquely situated to take advantage of emerging technologies to connect a wide variety of applications, provide direct support for frontline workers, and enhance factory operations.

Visit us at our exhibition booth to learn more about leveraging connected worker solutions for smoother operations, improved productivity, and a more agile manufacturing environment; and how leading manufacturers are using our AI-driven insights and smart, connected worker solutions to:

  • optimize and digitize workflows
  • enhance quality management
  • increase workforce visibility
  • reduce onboarding and training time
  • improve skills management
  • and more…

Also don’t forget to come to our closing talks on Day 2 (March 21st at 17:35), there Carsten Hunfeld, EMEA Director at Augmentir, will discuss “The Future Manufacturing Workforce, Powered by AI” covering how:

  • AI and connected worker technology is used by the world’s leading manufacturers to transform frontline work
  • to combine digital skills management with work optimization to help onboard workers faster and optimize training investments
  • Generative AI factory assistants improve operational efficiency by supporting less experienced frontline workforces and enable faster problem-solving, proactive insights, and enhanced decision making


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