April 17 & 18, 2024 | Greenville, SC

MX.0 Southeast 2024 brings together leading manufacturers to learn how to lead digital transformation and industry 4.0 initiatives across their organizations. This event is shaped by by hundreds of research meetings with manufacturers, large to small, and the technology providers who drive tech-led innovation. MX.0 events showcase practical uses and applications of smart factory technology through interactive conference sessions and factory floor tours. They work with state and industry partners to ensure that they deliver the specific content needed and bring the key people together to advance US manufacturing.

Why attend MX.0 Southeast

Returning to Greenville, SC for the third year, MX.0 Southeast is the only manufacturing-lead event in this region. This event allows manufacturing professionals to hear practical, tried, and tested examples for manufacturers of different sizes at different points in their digital transformation journey. Equipping them with the necessary lessons and network to take the steps into Industry 4.0, and beyond.

Key Topics:

  • Empowering people & managing tech-led change
  • Manage OT data & turn AI vision into reality
  • Prepare & plan for Industry 3.0 to 4.0 deployment
  • Start & scale digital transformation as a small to midsize manufacturer
  • Succeed with Digital Twins, Co-bots vs. Robots, Mixed Reality
  • Develop effective & innovative workforce solutions
  • Lower costs & energy waste through data-driven sustainability practices across production & supply

Attending MX.0 Southeast 2024 offers industry professionals the opportunity to network and learn from other’s real-world experiences and failures, giving insights on how to successfully lead people, manage data, build sustainable practices, and implement resilient plans and processes. Attendees will benefit from from ‘dos and don’ts’ shared by manufacturing leaders on stage and leave with the insights, resources, and network to achieve a more efficient and sustainable manufacturing business. Register here.

Augmentir at MX.0 Southeast 2024

AI and connected worker solutions are transforming the manufacturing landscape, empowering frontline workers with access to tools, data, and insights that improve their day-to-day work processes. They play a pivotal role in smart manufacturing initiatives facilitating collaboration, data processing and analysis, real-time communication, and more.

Smart connected worker solutions enhance operational efficiency by enabling workers to access crucial information, instructions, and feedback instantly, streamlining production processes and reducing errors. Manufacturing is uniquely situated to take advantage of emerging technologies to connect a wide variety of applications, provide direct support for frontline workers, and enhance factory operations.

Visit us at our exhibition booth to learn more about leveraging connected worker solutions for smoother operations, improved productivity, and a more agile manufacturing environment; and how leading manufacturers are using our AI-driven insights and smart, connected worker solutions to:

  • optimize and digitize workflows
  • enhance quality management
  • increase workforce visibility
  • reduce onboarding and training time
  • improve skills management
  • and more…


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