April 22-26, 2024 | Houston, TX

The Connected Worker Summit 2024 in Houston features cross-industry immersive explorations of the challenges faced by digital plant and field leaders and will help attendees develop an action plan to leverage data-driven technologies to connect workforces to tactical, operational, and strategic processes. Manufacturers and industrial organizations are under an immense amount of pressure to deliver more products in less time, improving production efficiency and effectiveness. Advanced connected worker solutions enabled by network connectivity, data analytics, and artificial intelligence drive collaboration and informed decision-making on the frontline for sustainable change. If you want to understand how to better connect your workforce to the digital resources and increase productivity across your operations, the Connected Worker Houston Summit is your must-attend event of the year.

What to expect at the event

Featuring site tours of Honeywell’s Customer Experience Center and NASA’s Johnson Space Center, the Connected Worker Houston Summit 2024 is packed full of informative experiences, networking opportunities, and more for industry professionals and organizations regardless of their digital transformation statuses.

Join 20+ leading connected worker vendors and 300+ senior manufacturing representatives at the Connected Worker Summit in Houston to discuss:

  • Redefining the Factory of the Future through the Power of Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Driving Innovation through Disruptive Gen AI Technology
  • Building the Connected Worker Environment for Enhanced Information, Improved Decision Making and
    Better Project Outcomes
  • Understanding how AR/VR is the Future of Employee Training and Onboarding
  • Rethinking Cyber Security in the Smart Manufacturing Environment
  • Revolutionizing Field Service with Connected Worker Technologies

Augmentir at the Connected Worker Houston Summit 

AI and connected worker solutions are transforming the manufacturing landscape, empowering frontline workers with access to tools, data, and insights that improve their day-to-day work processes and more. They play a pivotal role in smart manufacturing initiatives facilitating collaboration, data processing and analysis, real-time communication, and more.

Smart connected worker solutions enhance operational efficiency by enabling workers to access crucial information, instructions, and feedback instantly, streamlining production processes and reducing errors. Manufacturing is uniquely situated to take advantage of emerging technologies to connect a wide variety of applications, provide direct support for frontline workers, and enhance factory operations.

Visit us at our exhibition booth to learn more about leveraging connected worker solutions for smoother operations, improved productivity, and a more agile manufacturing environment; and how leading manufacturers are using our AI-powered connected worker solution to:

  • optimize and digitize workflows
  • enhance quality management
  • increase workforce visibility
  • reduce onboarding and training time
  • improve skills management
  • and more…


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