Online | January 9, 2020 – 11:00 am EST

Improve quality, productivity, and knowledge sharing across your manufacturing organization with fully augmented work instructions.

Augmentir’s Augmented Operations™ platform equips your workforce with personalized, step-by-step instructions that provide them with the guidance and expert assistance they need while allowing you to connect your teams into the digital fabric of your organization.

Join us for our monthly live demo, where we will share how Augmentir uniquely delivers value beyond guided instruction to help you transform your business into a fully augmented operation.

You will learn:

  • How to deliver fully augmented, guided procedures to deliver the guidance each worker needs – from rich media, checklists, and reference material to on-demand training
  • How Augmentir non-intrusively captures and analyzes granular data from frontline workers
  • How to manage jobs and get your team on board
  • How to use insights delivered by Augmentir’s AI Engine to improve processes across your entire organization

At the end of the demo, we will host a Q&A session to make sure we answer all the questions you may have.