Online | December 19, 2019 – 11:00 am EST

Close the skills gap in your organization and improve the efficiency of your field service teams with fully augmented work procedures, on-demand remote collaboration, and AI-supported technicians.

Augmentir’s Augmented Operations™ platform equips your workforce with personalized, step-by-step instructions that enable less experienced technicians to perform at the level of the most experienced. Using our Remote Expert capability, senior technicians and product experts easily assist your teams in the field and become force multipliers to get jobs done faster and at the highest quality.  Finally, embedded AI helps optimize each service call and identifies the largest opportunities across your service force to focus your improvement efforts.

Join us for an interactive webinar, where we will share how Augmentir uniquely delivers value beyond guided instruction to help you transform your teams into the service force of the future.

You will learn:

  • How to use augmented procedures and remote collaboration to deliver the guidance each technician needs – from rich media, checklists, and reference material to on-demand training and assistance
  • How Remote Experts embedded in the augmented procedures deliver a seamless service experience, increasing productivity and first time fix rates
  • How to use insights delivered by Augmentir’s AI Engine to identify the largest capturable opportunities to improve processes across your entire organization

At the end of the demo, we will host a Q&A session to make sure we answer all the questions you may have.