February 16, 2022

remote operations in manufacturing

The COVID-19 pandemic was a wake up call for manufacturers – forcing them to rapidly enable remote work for much of their workforce.

And while most manufacturers had a digital roadmap in place that included virtual shifts, manufacturers are now having to step up their progress and rapidly accelerate automation if they want to survive future disruptions. Investment in technologies such as robotics, terminal access, VR and remote monitoring and collaboration systems is expected to soar in 2022.

Join over 500 manufacturing leaders online on February 16, 2022 and hear from global manufacturing trailblazers how to:

  • Redesign manufacturing production for remote work: automating low value production activities
  • Identify what skills translate the best to scalable remote work: Who must work inside the factory, and what jobs should be performed remotely?
  • Use remote monitoring dashboards to track production performance and make recommendations from afar
  • Effectively monitor machine health and performance without being onsite
  • Enable onsite teams to become more autonomous
  • Build the business case and make the “Virtual Shift” a reality
  • Identify what is needed in terms of network infrastructure, data collection, analytics and remote collaboration tools
  • Scale “scarce skillsets”: Leverage experts such as reliability, engineering and quality across multiple factories


During this online event, don’t miss Chris Kuntz, VP of Strategic Operations for Augmentir with the following session:


The Flexible Workforce of the Future, Powered by AI

9.45am EST | 2:45pm GMT

The manufacturing workforce is changing rapidly – shorter tenure rates, workplace unpredictability, and remote work are forcing manufacturing leaders to re-think traditional training, guidance, and on-the-job support. In this session, learn how AI and connected worker technology are helping connect and support the future manufacturing workforce and improve operational agility.