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Augmentir Remote Assist is an industrial collaboration solution that allows manufacturing and service companies to remotely connect and collaborate with their frontline workforce and their customers.

  • Combine chat with live video, audio, file sharing, and annotations
  • One-to-many collaboration improves issue resolution and knowledge sharing
  • Supported on the devices your teams already use - iOS or Android mobile devices, or AR-enabled smart glasses

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For more information on Remote Assist and our Terms of Service, visit our FAQs.

In response to COVID-19, Augmentir is offering our Remote Assist industrial collaboration tool at no cost until the end of 2020. Connect your workforce and support customers remotely as travel restrictions and remote work policies increase worldwide.

  • Stream live video and audio between users on any device to improve issue resolution and remote knowledge sharing
  • Guide your field technicians and customers with live annotations for enhanced collaboration
  • Share and annotate images and documents between the worker and remote expert