Observations from EWTS 2018
Last week Augmentir exhibited at the Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit (EWTS) in Austin, Texas. The EWTS conference is one of the longest-running events dedicated to Wearables and Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality, and this year’s attendance was very rich. Hundreds of attendees came to the show, with many decision-makers and senior managers in the mix.

As one of about 40 exhibitors, Augmentir spoke to dozens of customer prospects that stopped by the booth. Interestingly, all of the companies we spoke with had very unique use cases and requirements, and were early in their exploratory phase in terms of adopting AR and Wearable technology within their enterprise – further reinforcement that, although the momentum is building, the market is early and much friction still exists within the adoption lifecycle.

Another clear indicator of momentum was the number of formal announcements made at the show this year. From new partnerships to global deployments, there was lots of great news for the enterprise wearable technology space.

The keynote speech by Jay Kothari of Google Glass was yet another barometer of the change that’s happening in the wearable industry, as the Glass team shared insights on recent product introductions and scale-ups.

A primary takeaway from this speech – and the overall show – is that while broad industry trends are driving this technology transition, every customer is unique, and each organization will have its own, individual challenges as it converts. Suppliers need to be prepared to support those challenges as true technology adoption occurs. It will take strong partnerships between technology providers and company stakeholders to successfully deploy and scale-up new projects.

Many of these themes and key takeaways from the event further reinforced our belief that adoption of Enterprise AR solutions will only be able to reach scale once much of the existing friction is removed, and solutions are delivered that focus on an amazing end-user experience. This is what we are focusing on here at Augmentir, and we’ve been very encouraged by the customer validation thus far. Throughout this time of technology transition, as the Glass team advocated, it’s more important than ever to focus on the user. Once you understand their needs, their challenges and their opportunities, everything else will surely follow.

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