Rochester, NY | October 7-8, 2019

Join Augmentir at the New York State Innovation Summit in Rochester, NY. The 2019 New York State Innovation Summit will showcase companies and researchers at the forefront of emerging technologies and new advancements in production capabilities. This event celebrates New York State leadership in technology-led economic growth with experts in biotechnology, new materials, energy innovation, and artificial intelligence.

This year at NY State Innovation Summit, you can explore:

  • Current technology convergence opportunities
  • Ways to accelerate commercialization
  • Issues of manufacturing sustainability

Why NY State Innovation Summit?

Augmentir is very excited to be a silver sponsor of this years event in Rochester, NY where we have a local tight-knit team and strong ties to the area. One of our goals at Augmentir is to support local SMBs in the manufacturing and service space by offering an an affordable solution that is easy to try, buy, and own so that they too can see the same gains in frontline worker productivity that large enterprises are experiencing.

Where to find Augmentir:

Be sure to stop by our booth to check out a demo and experience how Augmentir’s platform is combining enterprise augmented reality with artificial intelligence and machine learning to aid and support workflows with digital instructions, and powering on-the-job learning and enhance productivity for manufacturing’s frontline. You can also schedule a meeting with us prior to the event by filling out the form on this page.

If you can’t make it to the event, follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter for live updates from the show.

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