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The reality of Enterprise Augmented Reality (AR) is that most industrial companies are having difficulty creating sustainable value when adopting the technology. Most AR vendors were overly focused on delivering information and digital work instructions to industrial workers via wearable devices, which has not produced the expected efficiency benefits. 

What has been overlooked is that the real opportunity lies in using technology as a means of connecting and augmenting manufacturing workers to create sustainable value throughout the organization. 

At Augmentir, we believe that it’s time to move beyond AR and instead focus on the combination of AR and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), a new revolution in worker productivity that we call Augmented Operations. 

In this presentation from Westec 2019, Augmentir VP of Marketing Chris Kuntz explains how Augmented Operations allows manufacturing organizations to: 

  • Empower workers with personalized and dynamic work instructions to perform at their peak productivity
  • Close the skills gap by capturing tribal knowledge from experts and making that knowledge a scalable corporate asset
  • Deliver AI-based insights and recommendations based on human worker data to help drive continuous improvement across the entire organization – from operations to training to quality.