How Baker Hughes Tackled Workforce Shortages and Reduced Unplanned Downtime by 50%

Baker Hughes was able to reduce both unplanned downtime and mean time to resolution (MTTR) by 50% with remote assist and digitized maintenance workflows from Augmentir.

About Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes, an energy technology company that provides solutions for energy and industrial customers worldwide, is built on a century of experience and is currently conducting business in over 120 countries. Their innovative technologies and services are taking energy forward – making it safer, cleaner and more efficient for people and the planet.

The Problem

As Baker Hughes is working towards their energy forward goals, their first area of focus was within Nexus Controls, formerly General Electric’s controls manufacturer, now a division of Baker Hughes. Nexus Controls has partnered with customers worldwide providing world-class industrial automation, controls system, and safety system solutions across a wide variety of industrial applications for more than a century.

Building control systems for hydropower or natural gas electricity turbines is complex, detailed work that requires a skilled workforce. Nexus Controls needed solutions across all their business units as unprecedented workforce constraints and the “Große Resignation” threatened their business. They had a segment of customers that adopted a self-service strategy and therefore were avoiding traditional control system service packages. This led to field technicians troubleshooting issues without expert guidance and readily available documentation and data.

The Solution

Field workers needed support and immediate access to documentation and data, so Baker Hughes turned to Augmentir for a solution that incorporated virtual service field support with the hopes of improving maintenance and troubleshooting for customers and field engineers. Some of the specifics that Baker Hughes was looking for in a connected worker software included:

  • Remote expert functionality – video/audio share, annotations, and screenshots
  • Mobile workflow – step by step digital work instructions, augmented with pictures, video, and audio to assist field workers in completing a task
  • Real-time data visualization and monitoring
  • The ability to connect local or remote data sources and visualize static and time-series data

“With Augmentir, not only are we satisfying what our workers need today, but we are also future-proofing where we need to go in our digital transformation journey.”

These capabilities were provided as part of Augmentir’s suite of connected worker tools. Augmentir’s vernetzte Worker-Plattform and an advanced control systems formula from Nexus Controls was proposed to improve field maintenance and troubleshooting for customers and field engineers. AI-powered remote assist and digitized maintenance workflow solutions from Augmentir give Nexus Controls’ employees the support they need.


As a result of the combination of Augmentir’s connected worker platform and an advanced control systems formula from Nexus Controls, Baker Hughes was able to overcome industry challenges and provide employee connectivity that better supported their workers. In addition, Baker Hughes was able to reduce unplanned downtime of their control systems and mean time to resolution (MTTR) both by 50% with remote assist and guided maintenance workflows.