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It’s no secret that more and more processes on the manufacturing floor are becoming digitized and connected. Yet what is often times left out of the Digital Transformation / Industry 4.0 discussion are the people – the human workers that make up a critical and integral part of the manufacturing equation.

Augmentir recently presented to dozens of manufacturing companies along with the CPMT (Center of Powder Metallurgy Technology) at a virtual meeting on Nov 5, 2020, and introduced the audience to the increasing need and value of digitizing their front-line workforce, enhancing SOP’s and leveraging an Artificial Intelligence based connected worker solution.

This webcast is a recording of that presentation, and provides insight into how emerging technologies are changing the way we compete and operate in the manufacturing sector, and how now, more than ever, manufacturing companies are turning to digital technology to help guide and assist their workforces – helping them operate at peak levels of safety, quality, and productivity during this global pandemic.

This webcast will focus on 2 key technologies that are shaping the future manufacturing workforce – Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, and will discuss why now is the time to consider these and start digitizing and connecting your frontline workforce.  These technologies are proving to be practical and effective ways to close skill gaps and transform training efforts – allowing your frontline workers to work safely and efficiently in today’s new normal

This webcast will cover topics that include:

  • The changing nature of work, and specifically how the global pandemic is not only changing how we manufacture and machine parts, but also changing everything we do.
  • Use cases on how digital technology is helping during these times
  • Share proven strategies and best practices on getting started
  • And highlight a few manufacturing companies who are embracing and leading with these technologies today

The company adopts Augmentir’s AI-powered Connected Worker platform to empower its manufacturing workforce and improve operational efficiency


HORSHAM, PA – September 9, 2020 Augmentir, Inc., the leading provider of artificial intelligence-based connected worker software for industrial companies, announced today that Hunter Industries, a global manufacturer of products for the irrigation, outdoor lighting, dispensing technology, and custom manufacturing sectors, has selected Augmentir as its next-generation Connected Worker platform for its manufacturing operations.

Hunter offers a full spectrum of water- and energy-efficient solutions for residential, commercial, municipal, and agricultural applications. The company’s diverse array of products can be seen all over the world. Hunter prides itself on core values of customer satisfaction, innovation, social responsibility, and valuing employees. The selection of Augmentir’s connected worker platform reinforces those themes, allowing Hunter to deliver digital tools that help their manufacturing workforce perform at their best and improve overall efficiency. The company’s initial focus for Augmentir is on their injection Molding and Extrusion departments, where changeover processes often lead to lengthy downtime.

Augmentir’s software platform allows Hunter to:

  • Digitize and standardize on work instructions for manufacturing, changeover, and quality assurance (QA) procedures
  • Create and deploy work instructions at a faster rate
  • Accelerate onboarding and provide on-the-job instant training for technicians
  • Gather instant feedback from their technicians as they perform tasks
  • Reduce scrap and prevent unplanned downtime and quality issues within its manufacturing operation
  • Provide remote guidance tools for technicians, allowing them to virtually connect with subject matter experts to help resolve manufacturing or maintenance issues

“The use of Augmentir within our manufacturing operation highlights our commitment to our people and innovation in the workplace,” stated Yunior Murillo, Operations Training Supervisor at Hunter Industries. “Augmentir’s platform allows our technicians to perform at their best while improving efficiency across our manufacturing department. Additionally, the operational insights provided by Augmentir’s AI allow us to focus our training efforts on individuals that need them most and intelligently guide our technicians in their day-to-day activities.”

The Augmentir Connected Worker Platform is a comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools designed to help manufacturing and service teams improve operations, close skills gaps, capture tribal knowledge, and drive continuous improvement efforts. The platform provides tools to help teams author and publish digital work instructions and workflows and also provides an industrial remote assistance and collaboration solution to support remote expert guidance scenarios. In addition, the platform delivers AI-based organization-wide insights and recommendations that focus on improving the quality and productivity of frontline workers.

“We are excited to work with Hunter and bring an innovative connected worker technology to its manufacturing operation,” stated Russ Fadel, CEO and Co-Founder of Augmentir. “Our AI-based Connected Worker platform helps industrial companies to intelligently close skills gaps so that the entire workforce can perform at its peak.”

Hunter plans to expand its use of Augmentir across its operation and into its maintenance group, furthering the workforce efficiency and continuous improvement benefits that the platform offers.


About Hunter Industries

Hunter Industries is a global manufacturer of products for the irrigation, landscape lighting, custom manufacturing, and dispensing technology sectors. Founded in 1981, the family-owned company offers more than 1,000 products, including a complete spectrum of water-efficient solutions for residential, commercial, golf course, and agricultural irrigation systems. Hunter’s core mission will always remain the same: to deliver valued products and services, grow the company conscientiously, and remain true to the culture that make its employees proud to work at Hunter.

About Augmentir

Augmentir™ is the world’s only AI-Powered Connected Worker platform for industrial companies. Augmentir is the first of its kind to combine enterprise augmented reality (AR) with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to intelligently close skills gaps so that frontline workers can perform their jobs with higher quality and increased productivity while driving continuous improvement across the organization. Augmentir is being used to help intelligently guide and support frontline workers in a wide range of industrial use cases – from manufacturing teams on the shop floor to service and repair teams out in the field. For more information, please visit

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Discover a new approach to leveraging AR and AI that will allow you to continually improve the productivity of your frontline workforce

Frontline workers have been largely underserved for the past 20 years, as it comes to using new technology to helping them be more productive. This is due to the fact that most new technology offers are complicated to implement, expensive, and don’t provide room for continuous improvement.

When applied correctly though, the emergence of AI and AR, as well as a new trend towards the consumerization of software have the potential to change the fate of the frontline worker.

Download this white paper and learn:

  • How to guide frontline workers to new levels of efficiency with augmented procedures that are powered by AR and AI
  • How AI can provide rich insights into human behavior that ultimately unlocks the value of AR and wearable tech
  • How the “consumerization of enterprise software” is paving the way for companies to easily try, buy, and own new technology solutions

In a global business environment characterized by disruption, change, and volatility, the digital transformation of industrial operations is much more than a well-established trend. Industrial Transformation (IX) is the strategic approach manufacturers and other industrial organizations increasingly rely on for competitive differentiation and ultimately sustainable, profitable growth.

Industrial organizations are shifting to a more holistic view of Connected Operations that digitally integrates frontline workers into the overall operational management system – the Connected Worker. Use cases in the initial wave of IX investment focused on using asset-related data and advanced analytics to drive improvement in areas such as asset reliability, energy management, and product quality. Now, there is a strong trend towards an integrated approach that incorporates workforce considerations into IX initiatives and using people-related data to drive improvement in the overall operational management system.

Nearly half of industrial organizations are already well underway with implementing or piloting a wide range of IX initiatives to digitally connect their operations. However, not all is going smoothly. Despite significant levels of IX investment, there is considerable disparity in organizational achievement of business value and targeted results. LNS Research has categorized companies based on where they are in their IX journey: “Leaders” (the top 30% experiencing real success), early-stage “Followers” (54%), and those that are “Stuck” in pilot stages (15%). The rise of the digitally Connected Worker reflects the conventional wisdom that improvement, whether incremental or step-change, calls for holistic alignment of the right people, process, and technology capabilities.

The research presented by LNS in this eBook explores:

  • Why Connected Worker initiatives are strategic as well as their role in IX programs
  • Frameworks for conceptualizing and formulating Connected Worker solutions
  • The selection and implementation of Connected Worker use cases, and evidence of business value
  • Actionable recommendations

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Harbor Research was recently given the opportunity to examine a new software platform that takes a refreshingly new approach to integrating augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) in a comprehensive offering that better enables manufacturing and services industry workers to perform their jobs.

Augmentir leapfrogs the current Enterprise AR market’s noise, clutter, and failures by cleverly unifying core work- instruction and process-development tools with AI and machine learning in a single, scalable solution. In so doing, Augmentir is re-defining the concept of augmented reality for the enterprise and creating a new market meta-category.

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With the growing skills gap and aging workforce causing increased pressures, and workplace dynamics forcing remote and independent work, manufacturing and service companies are turning to emerging digital technologies to empower their workforces with the tools and knowledge needed to perform at higher levels of safety, quality, and productivity.

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Despite all of the advancements in robotics and automation, the global footprint of over 350 million workers are being asked to perform increasingly complex jobs using technology that has remained relatively unchanged for 20 years. Augmentir VP of Marketing, Chris Kuntz sat down with Todd Hockenberry, host of the Industrial and Manufacturing podcast to talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and the industrial shop floor.

You will learn:

  • How manufacturers should start thinking about digital transformation
  • Risks of adopting software or new technology for industrial companies
  • How manufacturers can use AI to make work easier, better, and faster
  • How AR is used in practice on the shop floor

Listen Now:

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In this episode of Voice America hosted by John Schultz of Bootleg Advisors, we will explore “Why Digital Transformations Fail” with the author of that very book and former P&G executive Tony Saldanha, Change Management Sherpa Mike Aroney, and serial successful Digital Entrepreneur and CEO of Augmentir, Russ Fadel.

In this episode we will discuss:

  • The difference between digital transformation and digital disruption
  • The 5 Stages of Digital Transformation
  • The roll of DISCIPLINE in Digital Transformation
  • The importance of Governance
  • Leadership and Change Management
  • How to combat organizational brain drain and build the workforce of the future
  • And more!